Desert of Despair

Tower Raid

As the party reaches the tower, multiple goblins ambush the column. After fighting off several raiders, Gwenn and Adrik push through to the gates of the tower itself. Pushing through ambushes by Goblin Blackblades and dodging traps and hazards throughout the floors of the tower, they encounter a battle between angels and a pit fiend. One angel saves them from the pit fiend’s fire, and tells them that he will expect a favor at a later date. They finally push through to the top of the tower. A Demonic Acolyte Underboss, surrounded by his minions, conjures ancient magyiks to stop them, but they slay him and take his staff as a gift for Captain Aziz. When they attempt to descend from the tower, the angel reappears and drops two more strangers off for them to take care of, Tridor the wizard, and Saphira the ranger. Both of them also don’t remember where they came from.



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