Desert of Despair

Betrayal and Rebellion

After returning to the column of soldiers, and giving the staff to Aziz, they journey back to Abu Bakir. Heading to the Abreel Taproom, they are confronted by an old, wizened man claiming to know information about their homeland. They follow him home, where he takes them to his library below the main living quarters. There, they are ambushed by Captain Aziz and his new Goblin cohorts. The party are knocked unconscious, and are dragged away to the dungeons. They overhear Aziz speaking to the governor of Abu Bakir, Caliph Abban Abbas, about rebelling against the leader of the empire, Emrikir Haaris Zafar. He is planning to unite the rulers of the southern cities and the monsters of the wastes against the Emrikir’s stronghold in the north.



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